Best MQTT Client for Coreflux

Today we will present some of the best MQTT Client that you could use in your projects. There are many and different choices in the market. The best part, some of them are absolutely free and open to use.

We are not affiliated to any MQTT Client, we use different ones for different cases.

A MQTT Client is a fundamental tool for any IoT/ IoT project and the perfect companion for Coreflux.

Lets get started.


This MQTT Client gave their first steps in 2014 and it have a fantastic set of features. You can script your own javascript functions for automated tests.

You’ll have a tab with the broker status, a Log tab everything in a clean, easy-to-use user interface. You can save multiple connections, create message template, remember the recently used topics, get broker status throughout system topic $SYS…

MQTT.fx (windows/ macOS/ Linux)

MQTT Explorer

MQTT Explorer is an excellent alternative to MQTT.fx. This MQTT client is open source and as announced is hierarchical view is one of the best feature and differentiates from other MQTT clients.

You can visualize and publish topics, delete reserved topics, search/fliter, however users can only create a single client connection.

MQTT Explorer (windows/ macOS/ Linux)


MQTT Box is a simple, easy to use MQTT client originally designed as a Google Chrome Extension. You can use multiple clients, supports MQTT over WebSocket, multiple TCP connections however, switching and messaging between clients is a little bit over complicated.

MQTTBox (windows/ macOS/ Linux)


Is it possible to download MQTT Lens directly from Google Chrome App Store so it will work in any OS that have Google Chrome Browser. With a minimal UI it supports all the basic features such as spec, except and persistent sessions.

This is a particular good choice for those who only need the basic MQTT Client feature.

MQTT Lens (Google Chrome)

If you will use Android and iOS you can try MQTT Dash or MQTT Inpector

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